Chapter 12. Transaction Subsystem Configuration

12.1. JTS Transactions

12.1.1. Configure the ORB for JTS Transactions

In a default installation of JBoss EAP 6, the ORB is disabled. You can enable the ORB using the command-line Management CLI.


In a managed domain, the JacORB subsystem is available in full and full-ha profiles only. In a standalone server, it is available when you use the standalone-full.xml or standalone-full-ha.xml configurations.

Procedure 12.1. Configure the ORB using the Management Console

  1. View the profile settings.

    Select Profiles (managed domain) or Profile (standalone server) from the top right of the management console. If you use a managed domain, select either the full or full-ha profile from the selection box at the top left.
  2. Modify the Initializers Settings

    Expand the Subsystems menu at the left, if necessary. Expand the Container sub-menu and click JacORB.
    In the form that appears in the main screen, select the Initializers tab and click the Edit button.
    Enable the security interceptors by setting the value of Security to on.
    To enable the ORB for JTS, set the Transaction Interceptors value to on, rather than the default spec.
    Refer to the Need Help? link in the form for detailed explanations about these values. Click Save when you have finished editing the values.
  3. Advanced ORB Configuration

    Refer to the other sections of the form for advanced configuration options. Each section includes a Need Help? link with detailed information about the parameters.
Configure the ORB using the Management CLI

You can configure each aspect of the ORB using the Management CLI. The following commands configure the initializers to the same values as the procedure above, for the Management Console. This is the minimum configuration for the ORB to be used with JTS.

These commands are configured for a managed domain using the full profile. If necessary, change the profile to suit the one you need to configure. If you use a standalone server, omit the /profile=full portion of the commands.

Example 12.1. Enable the Security Interceptors


Example 12.2. Enable the ORB for JTS


Example 12.3. Enable Transactions in the JacORB Subsystem


Example 12.4. Enable JTS in the Transaction Subsystem


12.1.2. JMS Configuration Reference for HornetQ Configuration Attributes

The JBoss EAP 6 implementation of HornetQ exposes the following attributes for configuration. You can use the Management CLI in particular to exposure the configurable or viewable attributes with the read-resource operation.

Example 12.5. Example

[standalone@localhost:9999 /] /subsystem=messaging/hornetq-server=default:read-resource

Table 12.1. HornetQ Attributes

Attribute Example Value Type
allow-failback true BOOLEAN
async-connection-execution-enabled true BOOLEAN
backup false BOOLEAN
cluster-password somethingsecure STRING
mask-password true BOOLEAN
clustered false BOOLEAN
connection-ttl-override -1 LONG
create-bindings-dir true BOOLEAN
create-journal-dir true BOOLEAN
failback-delay 5000 LONG
failover-on-shutdown false BOOLEAN
id-cache-size 2000 INT
jmx-domain org.hornetq STRING
jmx-management-enabled false BOOLEAN
journal-buffer-size 100 LONG
journal-buffer-timeout 100 LONG
journal-compact-min-files 10 INT
journal-compact-percentage 30 INT
journal-file-size 102400 LONG
journal-max-io 1 INT
journal-min-files 2 INT
journal-sync-non-transactional true BOOLEAN
journal-sync-transactional true BOOLEAN
journal-type ASYNCIO STRING
live-connector-ref reference STRING
log-journal-write-rate false BOOLEAN
management-address STRING
management-notification-address hornetq.notifications STRING
memory-measure-interval -1 LONG
memory-warning-threshold 25 INT
message-counter-enabled false BOOLEAN
message-counter-max-day-history 10 INT
message-counter-sample-period 10000 LONG
message-expiry-scan-period 30000 LONG
message-expiry-thread-priority 3 INT
page-max-concurrent-io 5 INT
perf-blast-pages -1 INT
persist-delivery-count-before-delivery false BOOLEAN
persist-id-cache true BOOLEAN
persistence-enabled true BOOLEAN
remoting-interceptors undefined LIST
run-sync-speed-test false BOOLEAN
scheduled-thread-pool-max-size 5 INT
security-domain other STRING
security-enabled true BOOLEAN
security-invalidation-interval 10000 LONG
server-dump-interval -1 LONG
shared-store true BOOLEAN
started true BOOLEAN
thread-pool-max-size 30 INT
transaction-timeout 300000 LONG
transaction-timeout-scan-period 1000 LONG
version 2.2.16.Final (HQ_2_2_16_FINAL, 122) STRING
wild-card-routing-enabled true BOOLEAN


The value of journal-file-size must be higher than the size of message sent to server, or the server won't be able to store the message.