5.13.3. New Security Properties

New system properties have been added to the security audit functionality for JBoss EAP versions 6.2.2 and later. These new properties mitigate security concerns surrounding plain text logging of web request components, particularly in scenarios involving BASIC or FORM based authentication.
The new properties allow greater control over which components of a web request are captured in audit logs (parameters, cookies, headers or attributes). These components can also be masked using the new properties.
The new properties are:

Table 5.1. New Security Properties

Name Description Possible values Behavior Default
org.jboss.security.web.audit This property controls the granularity of the security auditing of web requests. off, headers, cookies, parameters, attributes Any component (or comma-separated group of components) specified will be audited out of web requests. headers,parameters
org.jboss.security.web.audit.mask This property can be used to specify a list of strings to be matched against headers, parameters, cookies, and attributes of web requests. Any element matching the specified masks will be excluded from security audit logging. Any comma separated string indicating keys of headers, parameters, cookies, and attributes. Currently, the matching of the masks is fuzzy rather than strict. For example, a mask of authorization will mask both the header called authorization and the parameter called custom_authorization. A future release may introduce strict masks. j_password,authorization