5.8. Kerberos and SPNEGO Integration

5.8.1. About Kerberos and SPNEGO Integration

Kerberos is an authentication method that is designed for open network computing environments. It works on the basis of a ticket and authenticator to establish the identity of both the user and the server. It helps the two nodes communicating over a non secure environment to establish their identity to each other in a secured manner.
SPNEGO is an authentication method used by a client application to authenticate itself to the server. This technology is used when the client application and the server trying to communicate with each other are not sure of the authentication protocol the other supports. SPNEGO determines the common GSSAPI mechanisms between the client application and the server and then dispatches all further security operations to it.
Kerberos and SPNEGO Integration

In a typical setup, the user logs into a desktop which is governed by the Active Directory domain. The user then uses the web browser, either Firebox or Internet Explorer, to access a web application that uses JBoss Negotiation hosted on the JBoss EAP. The web browser transfers the desktop sign on information to the web application. JBoss EAP uses background GSS messages with the Active Directory or any Kerberos Server to validate the user. This enables the user to achieve a seamless SSO into the web application.