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Chapter 3. New Features and Enhancements

3.1. New Features

The following new features have been added to Red Hat Satellite 5.6:
  • Embedded database now uses PostgreSQL instead of Oracle. This provides the following database options:
    • Embedded PostgreSQL - PostgreSQL Database contained on the Satellite host.
    • Managed PostgreSQL - PostgreSQL Database managed on an external host created from Satellite installation.
    • External PostgreSQL - User-supplied PostgreSQL database on an external host.
    • External Oracle - User-supplied Oracle database on an external host.
  • The ability to provide online or hot backups of the database for Embedded and Managed PostgreSQL deployments.
  • Enhanced Reporting features that integrate with Subscription Asset Manager 1.3 and later to allow details on subscription reporting over time.
  • ABRT system failure reporting for Satellite clients, which proovides a centralized reporting of detected ABRT crashes.
  • Improved SCAP auditing features and support for XCCDF 1.2 to provide capturing of detailed HTML reports.
  • Inter-Satellite Synchronization now managed within the Web UI, including the ability to preserve Multi-Orgranization permissions and trusts, and mapping them to other Satellites within an Inter-Satellite-Synchronization environment.
  • Provisioning Enhancements:
    • Support for the usage of the cobbler buildiso option for PXE-less provisioning on Satellite hosts using x86_64 architecture.
    • Kickstart profiles can now automatically track to newest kickstart trees when available.
  • Web UI Enhancements.
    • Reband to "Red Hat Satellite" from "Red Hat Network Satellite".