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Chapter 6. Known Issues

Known issues and workarounds found in Red Hat Satellite 5.6:
Previously, Satellite SCAP results could not be deleted. In Satellite systems where there are a great number of SCAP scans being performed, there is a degradation in web interface performance. The Satellite/Organization administrator may now choose the period of time that a SCAP scan will be retained. When a scan falls out of the retention period, the "delete scan" link appears in the scan details page. Scans from a specific system may also be deleted via the system's scan list page. Please note this feature is still a work in progress and has not been verified.
In Satellite 5.6, administrators can configure kickstart profiles to always point to the newest available kickstart tree, whether it is Red Hat provided or custom kickstart trees. This option can be set at a time of the kickstart profile creation or to an existing kickstart profile. Corresponding API methods have also been updated to add a new field that allows administrators to set the updating behavior. "Newest" is determined by the last modified date for the ks tree.

However, note that kickstart profiles created by directly uploading a ks file cannot use this feature. Since the applicable ks trees are unknown, it cannot be automatically updated.
Systems entitled with the management interface allow administrators to run commands on remote systems.  Prior to this update the output was only logged and available through the Satellite web interface. This change allows remote commands logging on both the Satellite and the system on which they were run. Please note this feature is still a work in progress and has not been verified.
The spacewalk-clone-by-date command does not trigger a repodata refresh task to be picked up by taskomatic immediately after cloning completes. If not other tasks are in queue, it takes approximately 10 minutes after cloning completes before the repodata is generated.