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3.3. Deprecated Functionality

The items in this section are either no longer supported or will no longer be supported in a future release
In accordance with the upstream project, the LBaaS v1 API is being deprecated with Red Hat OpenStack Platform 9 and is expected to be removed with Red Hat OpenStack Platform 10. New customers are encouraged to use the LBaaS v2 API.
Based on customer feedback, support for a commercially available database is an absolute must for an enterprise cloud. As such, we have decided to concentrate our effort in building successful partnerships to meet this demand rather than building a fully open-source solution that might not benefit many of our customers.

In line with this, the OpenStack Trove service (which has been a Technology Preview feature so far) will no longer be included in Red Hat OpenStack Platform 10 and up. Instead, we are working with a trusted partner to provide customers with a production-ready DBaaS service. Please contact your sales account manager to learn more about this option.
Old versions of the puppet-ceph-external.yaml Heat environment file are not supported anymore. A newer version of this file is shipped with the 9.0 templates and must be used instead. Any customizations made to the old puppet-ceph-external.yaml file must be ported into the newer version.