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Chapter 8. Java Business Integration Terms


Java Business Integration, JBI
A specification for a standards-based, vendor-neutral architecture, based on SOA principles, for the integration of disparate applications, service providers, and service consumers. JBI-compliant components are expected to plug in and interoperate with other JBI-compliant components. This frees vendors to concentrate on supplying components that implement their particular area of expertise without worrying about implementing the other necessary portions of a complete solution. JBI also frees end-users to pick and choose among many JBI-compliant components to assemble a SOA network sized to their needs, without locking in to one vendor's approach. The JBI specification was developed by the Java Community Process. Compare with SCA.
binding component
A JBI component that provides connectivity to services external to the JBI environment.
normalized message router, NMR
Part of the JBI architecture responsible for receiving message exchanges from JBI components and routing them to the appropriate component for processing.
service assembly
A collection of service units.
See also: service unit
service engine
A JBI component that provides business logic and transformation services and also consumes such services.
service unit
Artifacts deployed to a JBI component. A service unit configures the component to provide a piece of functionality such as expose an endpoint or route messages.