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Chapter 6. Routing Terms


Apache Camel
An open source project that provides the EIP-based routing technology used by Red Hat JBoss Fuse.
The source of messages in a route.
A factory that creates a routing endpoint that connects to a particular message source or message sink.
A single routing rule base that defines the context for configuring routes, and specifies which policies to use during message exchanges between endpoints.
dead letter channel
An EIP processor that handles messages that cannot be delivered to the intended recipient.
The sources and sinks of messages in a route.
The DSL command that creates a message source for a route.
routing—The data passed processed by a route. A message consists of three components:
  • headers—contain metadata that is used to communicate information about a message between the different processors that handle the message
  • attachments—contain binary data that is associated with the message
  • body—contains the messages payload
out message
A temporary holder for messages as they are processed.
A Java object that performs work on a message as it passes along a route. Processors typical performs tasks like modifying the contents of a message or determining its path through a route.
A chain of processors through which a message travels.
An EIP in which an messages are directed to an additional message channel in addition to the primary channel.