Chapter 6. Support

6.1. Support overview

Red Hat and Microsoft are committed to providing excellent support for .NET and are working together to resolve any problems that occur on Red Hat supported platforms. At a high level, Red Hat supports the installation, configuration, and running of the .NET component in Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Red Hat can also provide "commercially reasonable" support for issues we can help with, for instance, NuGet access problems, permissions issues, firewalls, and application questions. If the issue is a defect or vulnerability in .NET, we actively work with Microsoft to resolve it.

.NET 5.0 is supported on RHEL 7, RHEL 8, and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform versions 3.3 and later.

See .NET Core Life Cycle for information about the .NET support policy

6.2. Contact options

There are a couple of ways you can get support, depending on how you are using .NET.

Integrated Support is a collaborative support agreement between Red Hat and Microsoft. Customers using Red Hat products in Microsoft Azure are mutual customers, so both companies are united to provide the best troubleshooting and support experience possible.

6.3. Frequently asked questions

Here are four of the most common support questions for Integrated Support.

  1. When do I access Integrated Support?

    You can engage Red Hat Support directly. If the Red Hat Support Engineer assigned to your case needs assistance from Microsoft, the Red Hat Support Engineer will collaborate with Microsoft directly without any action required from you. Likewise on the Microsoft side, they have a process for directly collaborating with Red Hat Support Engineers.

  2. What happens after I file a support case?

    Once the Red Hat support case has been created, a Red Hat Support Engineer will be assigned to the case and begin collaborating on the issue with you and your Microsoft Support Engineer. You should expect a response to the issue based on Red Hat’s Production Support Service Level Agreement.

  3. What if I need further assistance?

    Contact Red Hat Support for assistance in creating your case or with any questions related to this process. You can view any of your open cases here.

  4. How do I engage Microsoft for support for an Azure platform issue?

    If you have support from Microsoft, you can open a case using whatever process you typically would follow. If you do not have support with Microsoft, you can always get support from Microsoft Support.

6.4. Additional support resources

The Resources page at Red Hat Developers provides a wealth of information, including:

  • Getting started documents
  • Knowledgebase articles and solutions
  • Blog posts

.NET documentation is hosted on a Microsoft website. Here are some additional topics to explore:

You can also see more support policy information at Red Hat and Microsoft Azure Certified Cloud & Service Provider Support Policies.