Chapter 2. Overview

.NET is a general purpose, modular, cross-platform, and open source implementation of .NET that features automatic memory management and modern programming languages. It allows users to build high-quality applications efficiently. .NET is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 and RHEL 8.

.NET 5.0 is a Current releases. Current releases receive the same fixes and are updated with the same features as Long Term Support (LTS) releases. Current releases reach End of Support a few month after the next LTS release becomes available. For more information, see the Life Cycle and Support Policies for the .NET Core Program.

.NET offers:

  • The ability to follow a microservices-based approach, where some components are built with .NET and others with Java, but all can run on a common, supported platform in RHEL.
  • The capacity to more easily develop new .NET workloads on Microsoft Windows. You can deploy and run on either RHEL or Windows Server.
  • A heterogeneous data center, where the underlying infrastructure is capable of running .NET applications without having to rely solely on Windows Server.