Chapter 7. Known issues

The known issues for running .NET on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) include the following:

  1. dotnet dev-certs https --trust does not work on RHEL.

    .NET supports the creation of HTTPS certificate through dotnet dev-certs https, but it does not support trusting them through dotnet dev-certs https --trust. The client that connects to the ASP.NET Core application, such as curl or Firefox, will warn about the untrusted self-signed certificate. To work around this in a browser such as Firefox, ignore the warning and trust the certificate explicitly when the warning about the untrusted certificate comes up. Command-line tools support flags to ignore untrusted certificates. For curl, use the --insecure flag. For wget, use the --no-check-certificate flag.

  2. There are different values for math libraries on different platforms.

    Math libraries that are part of .NET 5.0 can return different values on different platforms. This is expected behavior. .NET 5.0 takes advantage of the platform-specific libraries to improve performance and reduce overhead. See the Math.Cos(double.MaxValue) returns different values on Windows and other platforms issue discussion for more information.