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5.6. Drools Flow Editor

  1. Ruleflows can only be set by using the graphical flow editor which is part of the Drools plugin for Eclipse. Once you have set up a Drools project, you can start adding ruleflows. Add a ruleflow file (.rf) by clicking on the project and selecting FileNewOther...Flow File.
    By default these ruleflow files (.rf) are opened in the graphical Flow editor.
  2. The Flow editor consists of a palette, a canvas and an outline view. Select the element you would like to create in the palette and then add it to the canvas by clicking on the preferred location.
  3. Clicking on the Select option in the palette and then on the element in your ruleflow allows you to view and set the properties of that element in the Properties view.
  4. The Outline view is useful for complex schemata where not all nodes are seen at one time. Using the Outline view allows you to easily navigate between parts of a schema.