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4.2. Creating Breakpoints

  1. To create breakpoints in the Package Explorer view or Navigator view of the Drools perspective, double-click the selected .drl file to open it in the editor.
  2. You can add and remove rule breakpoints in the .drl files in two ways:
    • Double-click the rule in the Rule editor at the line where you want to add a breakpoint. A breakpoint can be removed by double-clicking the rule once more.


      Note that rule breakpoints can only be created in the consequence of a rule. Double-clicking on a line where no breakpoint is allowed will do nothing.
    • Right-click the ruler. Select the Toggle Breakpoint action in the context menu. Choosing this action will add a breakpoint at the selected line or remove it if there is one already.
  3. The Debug perspective contains a Breakpoints view which can be used to see all defined breakpoints, get their properties, enable/disable and remove them. You can switch to it by clicking WindowPerspectiveOthersDebug .