June 2021 Community Update

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Hi Community! Welcome to the first of our monthly Community updates. In these updates you can expect to see announcements on recent product updates, suggested events to look out for, new helpful tools for customers, and overall Customer Portal Community updates.

We’d also love to hear from you! What are some topics that you would you like to see moving forward in these updates? What resources have you found to be helpful this month? Let us know by commenting below for a chance to win swag :)

June 2021 announcements:

RHEL 8.4 is now generally available: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4 became generally available for all customers on May 18th. You can learn more about what’s new in the latest release here and download the latest version here.

Summit Virtual Experience Part 2: Red Hat Summit Virtual Experience is back for round two on June 15-16th! The event is free and will include all new breakout sessions and live access to Red Hat experts. Take a look at the agenda.

You Asked. We Acted. With the release of Red Hat Satellite 6.9, the process of registering a client system has been simplified by incorporating the global registration template. Learn more about enhanced self-support resources for Red Hat Satellite registration, and check out other enhancements based on direct customer feedback on our You Asked. We Acted page.

Reminder: How to Create a Discussion Post: One of our Community Leaders, RJ Hinton, developed this helpful guide on how to create a discussion post within the Community. Check it out and let us know if you have any questions!

Red Hat Learning Community: A quick reminder that if you have any training or certification questions or feedback, our Red Hat Learning Community is also a great place to discuss.

I hope everyone has a wonderful June and look forward to seeing all of the discussions to come this month! Have something you want to highlight or see in our next monthly update? Let us know in a comment.



Hi Tess,

Thanks for the Community Update, a very good idea ! You ask what could be highlighted in the future ? Well, from the title
Community Update one would expect news and information about community internals rather than general company and
product marketing news. So, which features and improvements are planned for the platform for example. Highlighting the
great and useful guide from RJ is something that fits perfectly in my opinion. No criticism ... just a suggestion of course. :)


Hi Christian - Thanks for the feedback! We will certainly be including more updates around the Community itself and the Customer Portal as a whole in future monthly updates!

Nice one, thanks for the update Teresa.

Thanks, Sadashiva!


Good initiatives.

May I add one suggestion, which will probably be ignored, but nevertheless I want to get it off my chest.

Occasionally, I sort community articles by how many are unanswered and even try to see if I can address them. I feel sorry for questions that none of us could answer.

I suspect the reason why they are not answered is simply because our members might not know how to address them. In that case, it might be a great initiative if, occasionally, Red Hat employees spend limited time to try to answer those difficult questions. It would give customers comfort that they are not alone in their quest for information and resolutions to their problems.

When people ask questions, they are obviously in need of answers :)


Dusan Baljevic (amateur radio VK2COT)

PS. Seven years ago, I almost accepted job with Red Hat (I even had a plane ticket to travel interstate to meet the new team before starting the job). The only reason why I declined was due to fact that I would have had to relocate to different state (not a good option for my family).

Hi Dusan,

Good suggestion from you ... As far as I know this is already "in the works". The contributions from Red Hatters
have increased significantly since Teresa took over, they search for unaddressed questions and try to answer. :)


Hi Dusan and Christian,

Great suggestion and I have seen the same increase in Red Hatters getting involved here.

Some Red Hatters are active for years, we should not forget their great contributions.


Jan Gerrit

You're right, Jan ... Some Red Hatters chime in regularly and they often provide solutions.
Thanks a lot to those Red Hatters from my side as well ! Keep up your great work, guys ! :)


Thank you for your feedback, Dusan! As Christian and Jan Gerrit mentioned, this is something I am currently working on and am hoping to continue to increase the number of Red Hatters (and customers!) engaged in our Community. In the interim, if a discussion goes unanswered, customers that have the capability to do so can certainly always open a support case for more immediate assistance from our Technical Support team.

Thanks again for your feedback and for your contributions to the Community! They do not go unnoticed!

Thanks Tess and everyone for the good points/feedback,


You're welcome, RJ ! :)