RHEL 8.3 Beta - installation instructions

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As discovered and documented in the discussion RHEL 8.3 Beta - testing experience, there is a bug in the boot.iso and dvd.iso installation media.

System registration fails when using Connect to Red Hat

Currently, when we attempt to register a system using Connect to Red Hat, the registration process fails with the error message "Name or service
not known". This occurs because the empty Custom Server URL and Custom Base URL values overwrite the default values for system registration.

To work around this problem, expand the Options menu and perform the following steps before you click Register :

  • Select Custom Server URL check box and enter subscription.rhsm.redhat.com as its value in the text box below.

  • Select Custom Base URL check box and enter https://cdn.redhat.com as its value in the text box below.

As a result, the system registration is successful. The documentation is currently in the process of getting updated with this information.
The bug will be fixed in the GA version. Thanks to Martin Kolman, Michael Young, Samantha Bueno, and Shweta Naresh for their work ! :)


Thank you Christian for your efforts and notifying us :)

You're welcome, Sadashiva ! :)

Hi Chris , on INSTALLATION Screen of rhel beta 8.3 i am getting issue with installation source , it says "error setting up base repository ", Could you please help ?? Thanks in advance .

Hi Vijay,

Assuming you followed the instructions above ... please make sure that networking is enabled. :)


Hi Chris,

Yes I have followed the above instructions and connected to wifi network, but still the issue persists .

Hmmm, no idea ... it can be "this and that", Yijay. If it was an official release, I would recommend
to contact Red Hat Customer Service. But I think that would not get you any further as you are
trying to test a beta - what you can check is if it will work with an Ethernet (LAN) connection. :)


Hi Vijay,

I’ve tried with following link and it works. Http://downloads.red hat/reel/reel-8-beta/base sos/x86_64

Hope it works for you. Slimane

Hi Shou,

There seem to be a lot of "typos" in the link you've provided ... you may want to consider correcting them. :)