When you really want to find your own posts, and threads you started https://access.redhat.com/discussions/3355151

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Testing per https://access.redhat.com/discussions/3355151. For those searching for threads they started, here's the recipe....

  • Click on your own userid (it's a link)
  • then go to the link named "notifications"
  • then click on the link named "pages/threads"
  • You can see threads you started at that location.

Optimal? probably not, however there is a means to view it.



Testing https://access.redhat.com/discussions/3357891 and I discovered to find the posts I created (such as this), I click on my own userid, go to the link named "notifications" then click on the link named "pages/threads", and I could see it there. Optimal? probably not. However there is a means.

What's missing is a way to find discussions updated since your last post other than via email notification. There should be some sort of activity stream covering that.

It's an excellent idea Grzegorz. I've had something like this on my feature wishlist for some time now, and it's something we'll likely implement in future.

Good idea to demonstrate how to find your own posts, RJ ... and you know what ? I opened a support case (low priority / later changed to normal) with Red Hat way back in September 2016 because none of my activities were listed at all, especially not the threads I had created. They were not shown until I added a comment or reply to my own post. Hence I asked for improvement.
Not much happened since then, however meanwhile my comments are listed and every few months I receive this nice message ->

Hello Christian!
Greeting of the day!
I am waiting for the engineering team to update on the same. Will update you as soon as I get update from them. Thank you,
(Support assistant name removed)
Red Hat Technical Support

As you said : Optimal ? Probably not. Well, there are more important things to solve, so I decided to take it with humor ... :D :D :D

Cheers :)

Thanks for your work in tracking down the workaround for this, R. It definitely shouldn't be this complicated so we'll follow up to make sure that all activity is correctly showing on a users activity stream.


Unfortunately, if you've had multiple profiles over the years - even if your discussions profile has been moved as mine has, a few times - that search method doesn't find all articles that might be associated with your profile's name (since the numeric ID still shifts).

Really need a generic search functionality that either allows search by profile name or supports other, "real" query constructs. =)

Concur with Thomas Jones, for identical reasons