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Introducing comments for documentation

Kyle Benson published on 2014-05-27T16:59:17+00:00, last updated 2014-05-28T17:17:10+00:00

We're excited to announce the new ability to comment on new documentation within the Customer Portal. This is live and available today and we'll begin to roll this out for future documentation releases as well. For an example see the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Release Notes.

Several months ago we introduced a survey for our documentation to gather feedback from the people who use it the most. With this most recent release we wanted to take that a step further, as we felt it was really important to source feedback from customers as quickly as possible. If there is something wrong or confusing, we want to know. Having the ability to do this in the moment allows us to really see what people might be struggling with, and offers an immediacy we don't always receive with surveys. We've received good feedback in the past on our solutions, articles, and videos this way and extending our community efforts to documentation made perfect sense.

We really hope that people find this new feedback method for documentation helpful. Our documentation teams will be reviewing and responding to comments directly and are excited to get feedback from the people who best help us measure our successes and improve in the future.


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