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Red Hat's Global Support Services is pleased to announce the introduction of Red Hat Access in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. With Red Hat Access, customers can find help, answers, and utilize diagnostic services using exclusive Red Hat knowledge, resources, and functionality, all from within the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Graphical User Interface.

Subscribers will enjoy the following Red Hat Access services:
- Conveniently access exclusive Red Hat knowledge and solutions.
- Search error codes, messages, etc. and view related knowledge from the Red Hat Customer Portal.


Red Hat Access is already installed if you select to have a GNOME Desktop Environment installed. Additionally it can be installed by issuing the following command.

sudo yum install redhat-access-gui


To access the additional information and diagnostic capabilities this plugin provides the user will need to have an active account on the Red Hat Customer Portal.
Login Window

Once logged in searching will allow a keyword search of the Knowledgebase to be performed. Users can enter error codes, lines from a log file, or any set of keywords to produce a relevant query. A search of the Red Hat Knowledgebase will occur and present the results in a list with the most relevant results first.
Search Results

Double clicking on an entry in the list will bring up the contents of the solution so it can be determined if it applies to the issue at hand.
Solution View


My login password combo fails on the GUI but if I use the same uid/pwd on the link 'Red Hat Customer Portal' it logs in fine. ---- RESOLVED - proxy settings issue on the Redhat box

Can I ask how did you fix proxy settings issue? I tried to set http_proxy, https_proxy, but redhat-access-gui is not accepting both of these env variables.

So the problem is, I cannot find any method to set a proxy for redhat-access-gui to use.

After testing, redhat-access-gui does not accept "http_proxy" or "https_proxy", so I cannot set a proxy for redhat-access-gui to use at the moment. Is there any way to set proxy for redhat-access-gui?

Doesn't respect proxy settings

very helpful thx hatters

no proxy issue. login to the portal. Go to your account. click on the user management. use the user that is configure there. login to portal is usually you email but the user managment will give you the user use this user to for your subscription manager and red hat access gui BTW what is use of the Red Hat Access GUI. It shows be to search for article etc nothing else what else it is useful