Is my Intel CPU supported by Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

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Where do I find support for my Intel Processor?


Processors are only one component of a system and are certified as part of an overall system certification. Red Hat Partners including Dell, Fujitsu, HPE, IBM, and others have certified their hardware with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. As a result, mutual customers have the confidence of knowing these certified hardware systems are supported by Red Hat when running Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Processor support can be found as part of a certified system. The most recent list of supported hardware can be found in the Red Hat Hardware Compatibility List. You can search on terms such as “E5” or “Skylake” or “Xeon SP” to obtain a list of certified hardware containing the processor you are interested in.


There used to be a list of version versus the Cpu model. The HCL is useless.

totally agree. old page was a list of the versions. it's more helpful.

Would be nice to see a list of the versions and compatible CPUs.

I can't find the hardware I'm looking for. The list of compatible cpus that was previously not available anymore?