Red Hat Embedded Subscription Program

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  • What is the Red Hat Embedded Subscription Program?

    • The Red Hat Embedded Program provides access to the latest open source technology and an expansive portfolio of unique product solutions. Red Hat products are backed by a variety of partner and support resources to help deliver exceptional products while maintaining control of the customer experience.
  • How does the Red Hat Embedded Subscription Program work?

    • The Embedded Program is designed so that our partners are able to provide first-line support to their customers.

    • Partners maintain the support relationship with their customers, while Red Hat’s support organization, in turn, supports the partner as needed.

    • Partners can use Red Hat's Embedded Subscription as an integrated component of their turnkey solution, aligned to meet their Customer's demand.

    • The Red Hat Embedded Program can help partners with solutions running on closed hardware platforms, or devices connected to data centers through a tiered structure, build IoT solutions with confidence.

  • What extent of support and assistance is leveraged to the Partner in this program?

    • Red Hat technical support personnel are skilled at answering questions unique to software developers. They can help the partner leverage Red Hat software development best practices and can help answer questions concerning application architecture, application design, industry practices, tuning, and application porting. In addition to technical support, we provide access to all applicable Red Hat software.

    • As an embedded partner, you can escalate any and all issues to our 24x7, a global network of knowledgeable support engineers who respond, escalate and quickly resolve high-priority problems and on the other hand, the partner can maintain the support relationship with their customers.

    • Partners are required to maintain at least one Red Hat Developer Support Subscription during the term of the program and pay the associated annual fees. There is a corresponding developer product available for every Red Hat technology.
      For example, when purchasing Red Hat Enterprise Linux ® Embedded Program subscriptions with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, a partner would be required to purchase a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Support Subscription. If a partner purchases a Red Hat JBoss ® Middleware Embedded Program Subscription, then a Red Hat JBoss Partner Developer Support Subscription is required.

    • An Example of Red Hat Developer Support Subscription is Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Support, Professional

  • How can a Partner apply for the Red Hat Embedded Subscription Program?
    To apply for the program, both new and existing partners must complete the following steps:

    • Visit the Red Hat Connect for Business Partners and click Join an existing partner company or apply for partnership
    • Choose Embedded as your partner type, complete the application to become a new partner, accept the terms and conditions, and submit your application
    • An Embedded program representative will then contact you to complete the process. If you need help with your application, download the How to guide: onboarding application, listed under Partner Support Resources

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