How does Red Hat support scripting frameworks?

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Red Hat offers many different scripting or other frameworks. Some common examples are:

  • Bash scripts
  • API scripts
  • Red Hat Satellite kickstart scripts
  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization hook scripts
  • Cloudforms Automation scripts
  • Red Hat Satellite Puppet Modules
  • Foreman hooks

How Red Hat supports these frameworks:

For these technologies, the general guidelines is that Red Hat will assist a customer in the usage and syntax of individual commands contained within a script framework. Additionally, if a customer suspects a bug, Red Hat will investigate the particular behavior to determine whether it is a bug.

How does Red Hat investigate a bug?

If a customer and/or Red Hat believes that their syntax and usage of a particular command, API or function call is correct, yet the behavior is not expected, further investigation may be needed. In these events Red Hat may request a short (100 lines or less) reproducer script that clearly demonstrates the problem behavior. Red Hat will then investigate this behavior to determine whether it is working as designed, or if there is a bug.

What Red Hat does not do:

Red Hat Support does not write complete scripts for customers, nor engage in wholesale script debugging. If a customer has these specific needs they are encouraged to work with their account team to discuss Red Hat Consulting services to fill this need.

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