How do I find information on errata updates for Red Hat Enterprise Linux running in the cloud?

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How do I find information on errata updates for Red Hat Enterprise Linux running in the cloud?


Red Hat Enterprise Linux running in the cloud.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux running in the cloud has access to a full update stream by using the yum command. Red Hat Network (RHN) access is not required or provided. You can use any of the following methods to get notifications of updates:

  • Enable yum to automatically download and install all updates (man yum-updatesd.conf). You can configure yum-updatesd to notify you by a chosen method, such as email, when updates are applied.

  • Subscribe to the "RHSA announce" mailing list. This list provides notification of available security updates, but also contains details of all other Red Hat products. You may wish to filter these emails yourself for the text "Red Hat Enterprise Linux (v. 5 server)".

  • Check the list of update errata.

  • Use any specific notification that is given by your cloud provider.

The provided Red Hat Enterprise Linux cloud images start with a particular set of packages, which is a subset of the total packages that are available to be installed. The actual security errata that apply will depend on any configuration and package list changes you make. The errata packages may not be immediately available to a given cloud image at the time the advisory is published. It may take several hours before an update sent to the mailing list is available via yum.

If you are concerned about any particular CVE-named security issue you can use the Red Hat vulnerabilities by CVE name pages to discover if the issue affects "Red Hat Enterprise Linux (v. 5 server)". If you are only interested in being notified about issues of a certain security severity, use the filter options on the "enterprise watch list" mailing list interface to select the severity level you wish to be notified at.

From time to time, new cloud images will be created which contain a roll-up of the updates. These will be announced by the cloud provider.

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