Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Client/Server Standard Protocols

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux and additional layered products provide a wide variety of servers that implement open, well-defined protocols. Examples of such servers include Red Hat Directory Server, Kerberos KDC, FreeRADIUS, and NFS servers. Their main commonality is that they implement the server side of the standard protocols.

In such situations, the support of different clients running on different operating systems is not clearly defined. This article defines the support boundary for all such servers.

Support Statement

Red Hat supports identified servers running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems with appropriate and active subscriptions in conjunction with any kind of client that follows the standard protocol, regardless of the version of that client or the client-side operating system.

It is not possible to test every combination of client version and operating system for servers that follow open standards. Red Hat tests and provides full support for the client software running on the supported version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat's support organization accepts tickets in untested client configurations if the customer is able to demonstrate that the server is misbehaving and provides clear instructions that allow for reproduction of the issue using tools available in the supported version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Because some of the protocol versions and extensions may not be implemented by the server, Red Hat is open to enhancement requests filed through the appropriate channels.