Support for Red Hat Container Development Kit (CDK)

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Obtaining CDK

CDK is offered as a part of the Red Hat Developer Program. You can register for the Red Hat Developer Program and download CDK at
Users should be aware that version 3.17.0 (available since August of 2021) is the final release of CDK. There are no further planned updates for CDK.

Support for CDK

CDK is covered under Red Hat's Cooperative Community Support program.
CDK is intended for development purposes only. It is not intended for other purposes such as production environments and may not address known security vulnerabilities.

Support Alternatives

Support Status for Container Images Running in CDK

We do not officially support any of the containers in CDK at this time.

Official Support for Container Deployments

For full support of running mission-critical applications inside of docker-formatted containers, you need an active RHEL 7 or RHEL Atomic subscription. Docker is available and fully supported via the Extras repository.

CDK Beta Support

CDK Beta releases provide a preview of the coming CDK release(s), are unsupported, and released under following conditions:

  • Neither bug fixes nor errata are provided.
  • Reported issues will be forwarded to Red Hat Engineering as proposed for inclusion in a future release.
  • The upgrade path to subsequent releases will not be supported.