Core Services HTTP Server Supported Configurations

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Every Core Services Apache HTTP server release is tested and supported on a variety of market-leading operating systems and hardware architectures. Red Hat provides both production and development support for supported configurations according to your subscription agreement in both physical and virtual environments.[1]

Supported Configurations

In order to be running in a supported configuration, the Core Services Apache HTTP server must be running on one of the following operating systems and architectures. Red Hat has performed the full range of platform tests on the following configurations.

Operating System Chipset Architecture
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 (latest update) x86_64
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (latest update) [2] x86_64
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (latest update) x86_64
Microsoft Windows Server 2019 x86_64
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 x86_64

[1] Red Hat expects that customers will remain on a supported environment. In the event that a JVM, operating system, database, etc., or its version is no longer supported by its vendor, Red Hat may be limited in its ability to provide support and may require you to reproduce the issue in a supported environment for continued assistance.
[2] JBCS for RHEL 8 tested configuration are referring to the Apache Modules which JBCS ship as RPM for this particular Operating System.
See this Knowledge Article to know how to use JBCS Modules for RHEL 8 Apache HTTP Server: JBCS 2.4.37 on RHEL 8