Generating a new Satellite Certificate

Red Hat Customer Portal - self-service Satellite Certificate generation tool

  • Satellite customers can use the self-service Satellite Certificate generation tool in the Customer Portal by logging in as an Organizational Administrator user, navigating to Subscriptions → Subscription Management → Subscription Management Applications → Satellite tab, and choosing or creating a Satellite subscription management application. A walkthrough on how to generate a Satellite 5 certificate (5.7.0 and below) or manifest (5.8.0 and above) or Satellite 6 manifest can be found in this article.
  • NOTE: Aside from generating the certificate, Satellite 5.x servers running in connected mode need to be registered with Hosted. Before errata RHEA-2017:0369 was released, Satellite 5 server had to be registered with RHN Classic. As part of Red Hat's Transition from RHN to RHSM, Satellite 5 servers should be now migrated to be registered to Subscription Management. Please see Preparing Satellite 5 systems for Red Hat Network's End of Life for more info and action needed.

Red Hat Satellite Certificate / Manifest FAQ
This article:

  • Addresses the frequently asked questions for Red Hat Satellite Certificates and Manifests: what is in a Satellite Certificate or Manifest, when/how to get one, how to activate it, and more.
  • Answers the question, "How do I request a Red Hat Satellite Certificate or Manifest?" and provides instructions.