Red Hat OpenShift Extended Update Support (EUS) Overview

What is Extended Update Support (EUS)?

Extended Update Support is an additional maintenance and support offering, available as part of the OpenShift Premium subscription. With EUS, Red Hat provides support and critical maintenance updates, as outlined in the OpenShift 4 product Life Cycle, for select OpenShift 4 releases. OpenShift EUS allows customers to remain on the same minor release of OpenShift for a fixed period of 14 months beyond the Full Support phase end date. This provides customers with an approximate 18 months total support coverage for a minor version.

EUS is provided only with Red Hat OpenShift Premium subscriptions, clusters with Standard subscriptions will not be applicable for EUS content or support. EUS is available for all supported OpenShift architectures; x86_64, IBM POWER and IBM z. Variances for the availability of OpenShift layered components for architectures may apply.

Layered Components and EUS Maintenance

OpenShift Container Platform includes a number of layered components which each have independent release dates, life cycles and support for EUS. In addition to layered components, there are a number of layered products across the Red Hat portfolio which may be supported on, or to integrate with OpenShift Container Platform. EUS policies for these products will be outlined on their respective life cycles and documentation.

The availability of EUS support for layered components may vary for each OpenShift EUS release. For quick reference, an overview of each will be provided on this page, underneath the given EUS release of OpenShift Container Platform. In the event a required component has no EUS support, customers should avoid using EUS, and instead upgrade their clusters within the conventional Full Support and Maintenance support phases.

OpenShift 4 EUS Releases

OpenShift 4.6 EUS

The following table outlines life cycled layered components and products1 with the support status throughout OpenShift 4.6 EUS2. More information for each component should be available in the documentation.

Layered Component / Product EUS Maintained
OpenShift Logging Yes
OpenShift Service Mesh Yes3
OpenShift Jaeger Yes
OpenShift Serverless Yes3
OpenShift Virtualization No
OpenShift Cluster and Migration Solutions Yes
OpenShift Container Storage Yes
Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes Yes


  1. Availability of layered components or products may differ for non-x86_64 architectures
  2. Product listings limited to Red Hat offerings which are exclusively for use on or with OpenShift Container Platform
  3. Layered Component/Product will denote the release for which Extended Update Support is available. These will be outlined in the corresponding section of the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Life Cycle Policy