How to upgrade Subscription Assets Manager to version 1.4 ?

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  • Subscription Asset Manager 1.3
  • Subscription Asset Manager 1.4


  • How to upgrade Subscription Asset Manager to version 1.4 ?


  • The steps to Upgrade Subscription Assets Manager to 1.4 release are as follows:

1) Back up the Subscription Asset Manager instance before beginning the upgrade procedure. This requires backing up all of the configuration files and dumping the backend Postgres database. The default database names are katelloschema and candlepin.

2) Stop all Subscription Asset Manager services:

[root@server]# katello-service stop
  • If the katello-service command is not available, then stop the associated services manually:
[root@server]# service katello stop 
[root@server]# service katello-jobs stop 
[root@server]# service httpd stop 
[root@server]# service tomcat6 stop 
[root@server]# service elasticsearch stop

3) Flush the indexes.

  • Start the Elasticsearch service:
    # service elasticsearch start
  • Flush the indexes:
    # curl localhost:9200/_flush
  • Stop the Elasticsearch service:
    # service elasticsearch stop

4) Upgrade the Subscription Asset Manager packages with yum:

[root@server]# yum upgrade

5) yum avoids overwriting the current Subscription Asset Manager configuration by creating a set of .rpmnew and .rpmsave files. Check these files against the existing configuration for any new changes.
For a list of configuration files, run the following command:

[root@server]# rpm -ql katello-configure | grep erb | grep etc | sed \'s/.*etc/\/etc/' | sed 's/\.erb//'
  • For a list of .rpmnew files, run the following command:
[root@server]# find /etc -name *rpmnew

6) Upgrade Subscription Asset Manager using the upgrade script.

[root@server]# katello-upgrade
  • The upgrade script prompts for confirmation for each part of the upgrade process. For example:
1/1: Update Candlepin (
 Updates Candlepin database schema to the latest version
 Do you want to proceed? (y/n): y
 Update Candlepin OK.

7) Run katello-configure to correct any configuration files and analyze log output for errors.

[root@server]# katello-configure

8) Start the Subscription Asset Manager server:

[root@server]# katello-service start

9) Test the Subscription Asset Manager server:

[root@server]# katello-service status
[root@server]# katello -u admin -p [PASSWORD] ping

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