Configuring multipath ISCSI pools in virt-manager, cockpit or libvirt

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, 8 and 9


  • Currently Referring to Creating iSCSI-based storage pools using the CLI . If the parameter /dev/disk/by-path is used, then for each LUN only one path can be imposed.
  • Whats the solution to use iSCSI LUN with multiple paths as a Storage Pool with virt-manager?


  • Configuring iSCSI Pools with multipath pools is currently not available. Currently only single path can be configured to create an iSCSI pool.
  • The solution is to configure the iSCSI multipath storage separately from the virtualisation components, and then use the /dev/mapper/xyz device as the source of a Virtual Machine disk directly on the Guest XML definition, bypassing libvirt storage pools.

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