Alert received of access to ManagedOpenShift-Support-Role flagged as a security risk by AWS GuardDuty

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  • Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA)
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  • Received alert in regards to someone trying to access the ManagedOpenShift-Support-Role within AWS account X000XX0XXX00 in AWS GuardDuty.
  • Want to confirm, is cluster accessed by Red Hat Operation team/ Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) due to security reasons?
  • AWS GuardDuty detected anomalous List* and Get* API calls by the user .


  • If alerts are triggered with details on AWS GuardDuty, you can find out RH-SRE details as below:
    Principal ID: AROARRXGRORXXXXXXXXXX:RH-SRE-Xxxxx.openshift

Root Cause

  • Operation team/SRE observing and monitoring the cluster activity 24x7 , as well as receiving alerts for incidents. At that moment, SRE's try to rectify and resolve the issue. Thus, AWS GuardDuty received an alert of someone trying to access the ManagedOpenShift-Support-Role in AWS account.

Diagnostic Steps

  • If alerts are triggered with details on AWS GuardDuty as below:
Impact:IAMUser/AnomalousBehavior - AWS GD Finding ID: XXaXXXbXXXXXbacbeXfXadXcXaffXaXX
APIs commonly used in Impact tactics were invoked by user AssumedRole : ManagedOpenShift-Support-Role, under anomalous circumstances. Such activity is not typically seen from this user.

Summary: Remote IP XXX(.)XXX(.)XX.XXX from X City, <country name> made following Successful API calls to get details using assumed role mentioned above . As per AWS Guard Duty, Error Response was "UnauthorizedOperation" and "Error Response: AccessDenied" hence it looks like although API calls were successful, response was UnauthorizedOperation" and "Error Response: AccessDenied.

Account: XXXXXXXX - Xxxxx ( - xxx-xxx-openshift (Xxx/ Non production)

Caller type: Remote IP

IP address: XXX(.)ABC(.)XX.PQR

City: X
Country: Y

Action type: AWS_API_CALL
API: StopInstances
Service name:
User agent: AWS Internal

First seen: 0X-0X-20XX 0X:0X:XX (x day ago)
Last seen: XX-XX-20XX 0X:0X:XX (x day ago)

Anomalous APIs (X)
Successfully called

EC2: StopInstances
Error Response: UnauthorizedOperation

EC2: DescribeInstanceCreditSpecifications
Error Response: AccessDenied

Compute-optimizer: GetEnrollmentStatus
Logs: DescribeMetricFilters

Iam: GetInstanceProfile

Unusual behavior (Account)

ASN org: Abcd Group (XXXX)

Unusual behavior (User Identity)

API: StopInstances , DescribeInstanceCreditSpecifications , GetEnrollmentStatus , DescribeMetricFilters , GetInstanceProfile

ASN org: Abcd Group (XXXX)

Resource affected
Resource role: TARGET

Resource type: AccessKey



User type: AssumedRole

User name: ManagedOpenShift-Support-Role

Severity: HIGH

Region: xxx-xxxx-X
Count: X

GuardDuty / Detective investigation into the activity shows
Error Response: UnauthorizedOperation

EC2: DescribeInstanceCreditSpecifications
Error Response: AccessDenied

IP Check:
OSINT for the IP via Virus Total resulted in IP Clean.

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