Does all Red Hat support for mailman in RHEL8 end at the end of June 2024?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 and 9
  • mailman


The release notes of RHEL8.3 and the following RHEL8 minor releases are flagging mailman as deprecated:

mailman is deprecated

With this update, the mailman packages have been marked as deprecated and will 
not be available in the future major releases of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


However, mailman 2.1 will as part of RHEL8 be supported until Jun 2024 from the following life cycle:

                    Retirement Date 
mailman 2.1     Jun 2024

After Jun 2024, can Red Hat continue supporting mailman 2.1?
Does all Red Hat support for mailman in RHEL8 end at the end of June 2024?


All Red Hat support for mailman in RHEL8 ends at the end of June 2024.

Root Cause

Deprecation notices are giving customers the chance to setup long term migration plans, so declaring mailman deprecated already in early RHEL8 releases prepared that it might not be supported from RHEL9 onwards.

Also on RHEL9, Red Hat does not support any mailman versions like mailman2 or mailman3.

As for background: mailman2 depends on Python2, but Python2 is not a part of RHEL9.

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