ROSA/OSD upgrade maintenance cancelled due to expiration

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  • Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA)
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  • Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated (OSD)
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  • OSD/ROSA upgrade was scheduled but not triggered.
  • After schedule an upgrade for a OSD/ROSA cluster, the cluster was not upgraded.
  • An OSD/ROSA scheduled upgrade was canceled, and the following messages are shown in the OCM console:

    Upgrade maintenance cancelled
    Cluster upgrade maintenance to version '4.x.y' on 2021-01-01 at 01:01 UTC has been cancelled due to expiration


There could be different reasons for an OSD/ROSA upgrade canceled due to expiration.

Upgrade Path not available

If the Upgrade Path from the current version to the desired version was retired (for example, if a bug with the upgrade was found), the scheduled upgrades will be cancelled. It's possible to check if there are Upgrade Paths available in the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Update Graph tool.
If the Upgrade Paths from the current version were retired, it will be needed to wait for having new Upgrade Paths available.

Inactive cluster owner

One of the main causes for the scheduled upgrades to be cancelled for OSD or ROSA clusters is because the account that creates the cluster is no longer active.

It's possible to see the cluster owner in the OCM console, in the "Overview" tab after selecting the desired cluster. Check if the cluster owner account is still active in the Red Hat Customer Portal.

If the account of the cluster owner is not active, it's needed to reactivate the account or to transfer the cluster to a new owner. For transferring the OSD/ROSA cluster, please open a support case.

Root Cause

There could be different reasons for an OSD/ROSA upgrade canceled due to expiration, like the owner's account of the cluster is inactive, or that Upgrade Paths were retired.

Diagnostic Steps

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