Is it possible to migrate Hyper-V or VirtualBox guests to RHEV using virt-v2v?

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  • virt-v2v
  • Hyper-V or VirtualBox Hypervisor
  • Red Hat Enterprise virtualization 3.x


I need to migrate Windows Server 2003 servers from Hyper-V or VirtualBox to the RHEV platform. Is it possible to migrate Hyper-V/VirtualBox guests to RHEV using virt-v2v?


Currently Red Hat does not support migration of Hyper-V guests to RHEV using virt-v2v. The virt-v2v tool supports only the following source hypervisors:
- RHEL Xen
- VMware vSphere

For a list of supported foreign hypervisors, please see the Supported conversions section of our V2V guide.

The following workarounds can be followed for migration, but are not currently supported by Red Hat.

Unsupported Method:

Using backup/restore

  • Backup the windows guests using WSB/ntbackup (depending on the Windows version)
  • Create guests with the same parameters in RHEV
  • Restore from backup

Using p2v solutions:

  • Use ghost/acronis/g4u/clonezilla/etc
  • Image the source guests
  • Restore the images in RHEV based guests

In either case, we need to take into consideration the changes in drivers, so the backup/restore way is easier in this case. For the imaging solution, we would probably need to preinstall the RHEV drivers from the RHEV guest tools ISO.

Additional information: There is currently an RFE opened to include Hyper-V > v2v conversion under 1420103.

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still is not posible? I'm using 3.1

There is any update about this with 3.1?

Does virt-v2v support hyper-v yet?

If not, is this on your roadmap?