Red Hat Satellite List of Network Ports

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The attached PDF files and spreadsheets list all the required network ports for the Satellite, Capsule, and managed hosts as well as the start and endpoint of each communication path.

You can use this matrix table to determine the required network access for the deployed Satellite, Capsule, and managed host topology. It can be used in conjunction with the topology diagrams in the Capsule Networking section of the Satellite 6.5 Planning for Red Hat Satellite 6 guide.

Remember that a Capsule's base system is a client of the Satellite's integrated Capsule and therefore ports for client communication most be open between a Capsule and a Satellite.

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See the Ports and Firewalls Requirements section of the Red Hat Satellite Installing Satellite Server from a Connected Network guide for more information.

ICMP to Port 7 UDP and TCP should not be rejected, but can be dropped. DHCP Capsule sends ECHO REQUEST to Client network to verify that an IP address is free. Any response will prevent IP addresses being allocated.

Known Issues

The list is based on the use of ports in a running Satellite or Capsule as reported by the developers. It does not make it clear you will need port 80 open at the very start of the installation of a Capsule. To install the consumer certificate on the base system of a Capsule requires port 80 to be open in the direction of the Satellite.


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