OpenShift APIs for Data Protection (OADP) Support

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  • OpenShift Container Platform version 4.1 or later
  • OADP add-on


How do I get support for OpenShift APIs for Data Protection (OADP)?


The table below shows the various support channels that shall be used when OADP is available as a Community operator and as a Red Hat operator. Currently, OADP is available as a Community operator. Use the following to navigate where to find support based on the component you need assistance with via the links provided in the table.

The community operator was released in September 2020. Storage partners can test out the community operator and use it for development purposes. An official Red Hat operator, fully supported by Red Hat CEE is targeting end of CY '21.

Component Community Operator Red Hat Operator
OpenShift Cluster Red Hat CEE Support Red Hat CEE Support
Certified CSI Plugins Red Hat CEE Support Red Hat CEE Support
OpenShift Container Storage Red Hat CEE Support Red Hat CEE Support
OADP Operator TPSD Red Hat CEE Support
Partner Data Prot. Backend Partner Support Partner Support

Support Channels
This section defines the various support channels included in the table above.

Red Hat CEE Support
Red Hat CEE offers production grade support for all generally available (GA) software shipped by Red Hat. This support comes with various service level agreements (SLAs) based upon the level of support the caller is entitled. Red Hat CEE is available 24/7 and has several locations around the globe to serve the needs of customers around the clock. The support engineer will engage engineering as needed. Typical Red Hat CEE serverity definitions and SLAs will apply.

Technology Partner Success Desk
During the phase in which the OADP operator is only available via the community, support for the operator and the plugins developed as part of the Konveyor project will be supported by the Technology Partner Success Desk TPSD. This serves as a single portal that partners can use to engage the partner management team for a multitude of needs. It is important to note that the TPSD is staffed 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, and the team has a SLA of 1 business day to respond.

Partner Support
Each data protection partner will have their own support policies and processes that will be used to provide level 1 and level 2 support for their own products and solutions. Reach out to the partner for details.

In addition to the support channels outlined in the table above, please see the OADP FAQ for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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