Operators Supported by Red Hat in Operator Hub

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  • Red Hat Openshift Container Platform (RHOCP)
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  • Red Hat OpenShift Services on AWS (ROSA)
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  • Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated (OSD)
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  • Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO)
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  • OpenShift Managed (Azure)
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  • Does Red Hat support non Red Hat operators running on OpenShift?
  • How do I identify the support levels for an operator?
  • Which operators are supported by Red Hat?
  • Which operators require additional entitlements to be supported by Red Hat?


There are 3 levels of support which can be identified by the PROVIDER TYPE filter option in Operator Hub:

  • Community: These operators are provided by the Open Source community and maintained by the relevant representatives in the operator-framework/community-operators GitHub repository. No integration testing has been done by Red Hat. Not supported by Red Hat
  • Certified: These operators are provided by vendors, that have passed the integration testing for OpenShift. Red Hat provides these operators via Operator Hub but support is provided by the vendor.
  • Red Hat: These operators are provided by Red Hat and supported by Red Hat. These Operators can be divided into 2 types of support.

    • Supported by OpenShift: These operators are supported at the same level as your OpenShift cluster. (For example: Kibana, Prometheus)
    • Supported by additional entitlements: These operators require additional Red Hat entitlements to receive Red Hat support. (For example: JBoss, 3scale)
  • Since the release of OCP 4.5, annotations have been made available to assist cluster administrators to understand which operators require a subscription.

Note: Non Red Hat Operators are supported by the vendor or the community that provided the operator. To the extent of a bug (or similar) in OpenShift, Red Hat will assist in the identification and reporting of the bug, including providing workarounds where possible.

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