Support Status for AWS EFS on OCP

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  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (RHOCP)
    • 3.11
    • 4
  • Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated (OSD)
    • 4
  • Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA)
    • 4
  • aws-efs-operator community operator
  • aws-efs-csi-driver-operator EFS CSI Driver operator


  • Is the AWS EFS Provisioner available and supported on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform?
  • Is the aws-efs-operator supported in OCP?




The aws-efs-operator community operator is not supported by Red Hat in OCP 4. Regarding the aws-efs-csi-driver-operator from the openshift-cluster-csi-drivers:

Note: If the aws-efs-operator community operator is already installed, it's possible to migrate to the aws-efs-csi-driver-operator CSI Driver operator as explained in Migration from aws-efs-operator to aws-csi-efs-driver-operator.

Root Cause

Starting with OCP 4.10, the aws-efs-csi-driver-operator is supported.

Diagnostic Steps

To check if the unsupported aws-efs-operator.openshift-operators community operator is installed, it's possible to check the installed operators in the cluster:

$ oc get operators | grep -i efs
aws-efs-operator.openshift-operators       19d

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