How can I create a disk partition on a disk that is greater than 2TiB in size on Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

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  • I'm trying to create a partition on my 5.4TB disk with fdisk and the partitions are not the correct size.

    • Failed to see large file system, I made an RAID5 file system (DELL PERC-H730 controller) using 5x1.2TB disks and #fdisk -l /dev/sdc shows that I do have 4.7GB raw device:

      Disk /dev/sdc: 4798.6 GB, 4798552211456 bytes
      90 heads, 3 sectors/track, 34711749 cylinders
      Units = cylinders of 270 * 512 = 138240 bytes
  • Upon making new partition using fdisk, followed by filesystem(mkfs) and mounting the new file system only show 2.0TB???

    /dev/sdc1                         2.0T  199M  1.9T   1% /data
  • Cannot understand what I did wrong on the making of partition.

  • Why can't I create partitions that utilize the whole disk?
  • Why can I only create partitions that only use the first 2 TiB of a large disk?
  • How do I create partitions to utilize space beyond 2TiB?
  • What is the largest size disk that can be partitioned with msdos partitions?
  • What is the largest size disk that can be partitioned with GUID Partition Table (GPT)?
  • What is the different between msdos partitioning and GPT partitioning?
  • What is a GPT Protective Partition and why is one created in msdos partition table when a GPT is also present?
  • What is the difference between TB and TiB when referring to disk and partition size?
  • How is a disk with more then 2TiB disk size using a DOS partition table? ↴
  • How to confirm which partition table (MBR/GPT) is present on disk? ↴
  • Does the msdos partition table supports 2TiB or 2TB? ↴


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux including :

    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3
  • Disk or LUN exceeding 2TiB in size

    • msdos partition table
    • GUID Partition Table (GPT)

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