How do I delete or deactivate my login ID for the Red Hat Customer Portal?

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  • Red Hat Customer Portal
  • Red Hat Account Management


  • I am leaving the organization and wish to delete my login ID under this account for the Red Hat Customer Portal
  • I am moving to another department within my organization but they have a separate account for it, and I'd like my login ID to be deleted from the current account


Deletion & Deactivation are two different things here. Deactivation of an ID ensures disabling of the user account whereas Deletion removes the ID from under the account completely.

  • In order to delete a particular Login ID:

    • You may fill out the Red Hat Personal Data Request form

    • Alternatively, you can get in touch with your Regional Customer Service team through email to delete your login ID permanently from the Red Hat Customer Portal.

    • You must also fill up the below template and share it with the Customer Service team;

"I (please provide First and Last name) having a place of residence in…. (Country of Residence) confirm that I want to permanently delete my login ID ‘’….’’. I am aware that the provided login ID cannot be reinstated or reused once its deletion is completed."

Once the Customer Service Team receives the above statement, your request to delete the said login ID would be processed.

  • In order to deactivate a particular Login ID:

    • Please reach out to your Org Admin & request a deactivation. Your Org Admin should be able to deactivate your account through the User Management feature.

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