How do I get my Red Hat Training Certificate transferred from one account to another?

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Red Hat Training Certificate


  • The exam certificate is linked to an old account and it needs to be linked to a new account.
  • Unsure of the account where the exam certificate is associated with and now need to move to it to a different account.


  • You must update your name, email address, subject and the issue in the Certification Comment Form to highlight the request to the certification team.

  • Though the certification form doesn't ask for a contact number, it is suggested that you mention your contact number in the message field. This will help the ticket owner to call you in case something needs to be discussed with you over the phone.

  • After updating the relevant fields/information, you must click on the Submit button to submit your request.

  • After submission, you will receive an automated email with the ticket number starting with RHT.

  • The certification team will then complete the transfer and move the certificate to the destination/desired Red Hat account.

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