How to use Periodic size rotating log handler in JBoss EAP

Updated 2015-01-09T18:25:42+00:00


  • Will it be possible to also set the number of backups that the periodic rotating file handler creates?
  • There is already a feature of "size rotating file handler", but what we want is to rotate log files based on time period as well.
  • How to create PeriodicSizeRotatingFileHandler in EAP 6?
  • How to limit the number of log files to keep only the last 30 days in JBoss EAP 6?
  • Is there any handler which contains size-rotating and periodic-rotating in JBoss EAP 6?
  • Is it possible to redirect the JBoss logging to other file using PeriodicSizeRotatingFileHandler in JBoss EAP 4.3.0.GA_CP10 ?


  • Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP)
    • 4.x
    • 6.x

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