Mount failed with mount: mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting error

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6, 7
  • NFS


  • Error is seen in the log:

     <hostname> mount: mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting *.*.*.*:/home/share


  • Include insecure option in /etc/exports on NFS server like below:

    # cat /etc/exports 
    /home/export *(rw,sync,no_root_squash,insecure)
  • Re-export the share:

    # exportfs -rav
  • Try to mount the NFS share on NFS client.

Note: Share should be unmounted from all the clients before making any configuration changes on the NFS server else the share will become stale

Root Cause

  • Reserved ports are TCP/UDP ports from 0 to 1024 for privileged services and designated as well-known ports.

  • Below error was captured in log which means that NFS server requires a secure port:

    <hostname> rpc.mountd[8111]: refused mount request from *.*.*.* for /home/export (/home/export): illegal port 21645

Diagnostic Steps

  • NFS Server is pingable and able to telnet to port 2049 and 111.
  • The showmount -e <nfs server ip> command gets hung.
  • rpcinfo -p <nfs server ip> displays list of all registered RPC programs
  • Try to mount with NFS version 3 but still it failed with error "access denied".
  • Check /var/lib/nfs/etab at NFS share that share is exported or not.
  • Tcpdump analysis:

    # tshark -tad -n -r clien.pcap -Y 'frame.number == 500' -O rpc | sed '/^Re/,$ !d'
    Remote Procedure Call, Type:Reply XID:0x3f510e1b
        Fragment header: Last fragment, 20 bytes
            1... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... = Last Fragment: Yes
            .000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0001 0100 = Fragment Length: 20
        XID: 0x3f510e1b (1062276635)
        Message Type: Reply (1)
        [Program: NFS (100003)]
        [Program Version: 4]
        [Procedure: COMPOUND (1)]
        Reply State: denied (1)
        [This is a reply to a request in frame 498]
        [Time from request: 0.000611000 seconds]
        Reject State: AUTH_ERROR (1)                            <===== Error
        Auth State: bad credential (seal broken) (1)

The nfs-server can not authenticate the NFS client.

  • Further tcpdump analysis

    # tshark -tad -nr client.pcap -Y nfs.status!=0
    20 2018-12-18 13:46:46.377409  *.*.*.* → *.*.*.*  NFS 144 V4 Reply (Call In 12) PUTROOTFH | GETATTR Status: 

NFS4ERR_PERM indicates that the requester is not the owner. The operation was not allowed because the caller is neither a privileged user (root) nor the owner of the target of the operation.

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