Red Hat account number not visible on the Red Hat Customer Portal

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  • Red Hat Customer Portal


  • I have created new Red Hat account on the Customer Portal but the Red Hat account number isn't visible.


  • Please note for new accounts (without any subscriptions or with only Developer Subscriptions) the account number at times is not generated.
  • If you need an account number to be generated, please contact the Red Hat Customer Service team
  • To place an order, it should be enough to mention your Red Hat Login ID (not the email address associated with it), if you do not know the account number.

Diagnostic Steps

The account number can be found when you're logged into your account once you click on the Avatar on top right corner (url: If an account number is associated with the account, you'll see it between the Login ID and the email address. If the account number is missing there, it has not been generated yet.

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