Getting "http error 401-unauthorized:invalid username or password error" while trying to register system

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Red Hat Subscription Management (RHSM)


  • While registering the client machine to the customer portal using the subscription-manager register command, it fails with the below error:
# subscription-manager register --username "xxxxxx"--password  "xxxxxxxx" 
Registering to:
HTTP error (401 - Unauthorized): Invalid username or password. To create a login, please visit

  • Getting invalid username or password while trying to register the system with RHSM.


  • To successfully register the system with subscription-manager (RHSM), blank space or hyphen must be avoided in the password.
  • Reset the password, if the password contains a space in it.

To reset the password click here

Root Cause

Subscription-manager (RHSM) does not honor the value when a blank space or hyphen is added to a password, instead consider adding special characters is suggested.

Diagnostic Steps

Verify if the password contains blank space or hyphen.

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