What are Entitlement Certificates in Red Hat Subscription Management ?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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  • What are Entitlement Certificates ?

  • What information does the Entitlement Certificate contain?


Subscriptions and systems are managed globally through the Red Hat entitlement service which is integrated with the Customer Portal. Whenever a subscription is attached to a system, the system is entitled to support services and content for that product and the subscription certificates attached to a system are in a certificate file which is located at "/etc/pki/entitlement/" directory .

Entitlement certificates contain additional information about available products and configured content repositories.
A system is allocated a product subscription by subscribing to the entitlement pool that makes that product available and unsubscribing a machine removes it from the product or entitlement pool, which releases that entitlement subscription it had consumed.

Both Subscription Manager and product information is contained in X.509 certificates.

To obtain this information you can use:

# openssl x509 -text -in /etc/pki/entitlement/##################.pem

The following command can be run to see what product/products you have currently installed on the system.

# subscription-manager list 

The below command will show the subscriptions being consumed by the system

# subscription-manager list --consumed 

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