Repository in orphaned status on Red Hat Satellite 6 Web UI.

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  • Red Hat Satellite 6.x


  • Repository shows an orphaned status on the Red Hat Satellite 6 WebUI at, Content -> Red Hat Repositories -> Name of the repository and Content -> Sync Status -> Name of the repository.
  • Unable to access the repositories on Red Hat Satellite WebUI.


  • The subscription which contains the product that provides the repositories needs to be a part of the manifest on the Red Hat Customer Portal and visible on the Red Hat Satellite under Content -> Red Hat Subscriptions.

  • The steps mentioned here can be followed to update the manifest with the subscription on the Red Hat Customer Portal and refresh it on the Red Hat Satellite.

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Root Cause

  • The subscription was unavailable in the manifest and hence inaccessible by the Red Hat Satellite.

  • Red Hat Repositories are marked as orphaned in following cases:

    • The subscription which provides the affected repo gets expired.
    • The subscription which provides the repo was removed from the manifest.

Diagnostic Steps

  • Verify the account for any recently expired subscriptions.
  • Confirm the presence/absence of the subscription on Red Hat Satellite Content -> Red Hat Subscriptions.
  • Check the manifest to verify the presence of the subscription.
    On the Customer Portal, Subscriptions -> Subscription Allocations -> Select the manifest.

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