Can I use GRO offloading with virtual guests?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (as KVM host)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
  • Virtual guests with virtual network interfaces


  • Can I implement GRO offloading on my KVM host to re-assemble fragmented packets in hardware, before passing them through the host bridge interface to my KVM guest?


No, GRO must be off for virtualization hosts.

Turn GRO off with ethtool -K ethX gro off

If your network driver defaults to GRO on, and you need to persist this change across reboots, you can do so by following instructions at:

How do I run a script or program immediately after my network interface goes up?

Root Cause

Using GRO on a virtualization host will result in Ethernet frames being coalesced into IP packets which are larger than the MTU of the host bridge interface, of the virtual guest tap interface, and of the virtual guest interface, resulting in traffic being silently dropped.

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Is it still correct KB on latest kernel of rhev hypervisor? If so, what is rhev baremetal hypervisor's default setting of several offload(lro,gro,gso etc)'s setting?