'subscription-manager list --available --all' returns "No Available subscription pools to list"

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Red Hat Subscription Management (RHSM)
  • Red Hat Customer Portal


  • Getting error No available subscription pools to list while listing subscriptions.
  • System is registered through Red Hat Subscription Management but cannot attach any subscriptions.
  • The subscriptions are visible under Active Subscriptions section in the Customer Portal, but not listed in CLI.


  • Purchase more subscriptions or free up existing subscriptions by removing or unregistering unused systems via Customer Portal, as the account doesn't have enough valid subscription to cover the current system.
  • If the subscriptions are not getting listed on Customer Portal, open a support case with Red Hat Technical Support to perform re-pooling of the account subscriptions.
  • Re-register the system to clear and refresh old subscription cache/data.
# subscription-manager unregister
# subscription-manager clean
# subscription-manager register

Root Cause

  • The warning message No Available subscription pools to list shows that the account doesn't have enough quantity of valid subscription to cover the entire system (CPU/Cores/Sockets).
  • If the subscription is newly purchased, it may take up sometime for the pool to reflect under Red Hat Subscription Management.
  • The subscription-manager related data/cache might be corrupted which needs to be cleaned.

Diagnostic Steps

  • Check for available subscription :
# subscription-manager list --available --all
No available subscription pools to list

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I am getting this error despite having sufficient entitlements. In the customer portal is says "system is not properly subscribed". Hours of googling has come up with nothing. Please update this article to show a resolution for this scenario as well. Clearly the resolution above doesn't cover all possible cases where this error could happen.

I have the same problem as Eric. I do have sufficient unused subscriptions. Case II as given above is my problem. I wish a less abstract answer or more direct "how to" to resolve this.

we are having the same issue. We are using a template to deploy our servers. Half will register no problem the others will not. We need a resolution ASAP!

This issue will remain over years, you can do nothing

Same issue with RHEL 8.3, trial license, setup 4 days ago. Second case above is pretty vague, what commands can you run to check for this?