No Presto metadata available for a repository

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
  • Red Hat Satellite 6.x


  • When running a yum update or reposync, the following message is displayed
    No Presto metadata available for rhel-7-server-rpms


  • It is safe to ignore as this message as it is displayed as informational only. This will not prevent the packages from being downloaded.
  • If the download of packages fail, check the subscription status of the server
    # subscription-manager status
    and refresh manifest on the satellite.

Root Cause

Yum is designed to support DeltaRPM (Presto), however we currently do not use this feature in the Red Hat Repositories.

Disable the warning by editing /etc/yum.conf and add or change the following:


Diagnostic Steps

Confirm that deltarpm is installed

# rpm -q deltarpm
  • Component
  • yum

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Would be awesome if redhat did use this and only deltas were downloaded.