How to filter VMware clusters with virt-who?

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  • Red Hat Satellite 6
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • VMware ESX


  • How to filter VMware clusters instead of hosts/hypervisors in virt-who?
  • How to make sure that only the required clusters are reporting to satellite 6 using virt-who?
  • How to exclude some ESX clusters from getting reported to Satellite 6 when using virt-who?


  • Edit the configuration file and add the paramters:

    # vi /etc/virt-who.d/config.conf
    filter_host_parents=domain-xx,domain-yy OR

    NOTE: Use either filter_host_parents or exclude_host_parents.

    filter_host_parents => Clusters to be reported.
    exclude_host_parents => Clusters not to be reported.

Supported Hypervisor Environment:

  • ESX

    • PowerCLI command to find the Cluster Names in Vmware:

      > Get-Cluster Name HAEnabled HAFailover DrsEnabled DrsAutomationLevel Level ---- --------- ---------- ---------- ------------------ Cluster-ESXA-00X False 1 True FullyAutomated Cluster-ESXB-00X True 1 True FullyAutomated
    • PowerCLI command to find the Cluster ID in Vmware:

      > Get-Cluster "ClusterName" | Select ID
    • Replace the ClusterName with the actual ClusterName and execute the query:

      For example:-
      > Get-Cluster "Cluster-ESXA-00X" | Select ID

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Hi. Just to mention that this configuration only worked if the ID of the vCluster is specified. The name didn't work.

Not only this, but also the ID has to be stripped from the initial part, leaving only "domain-XXXXX".

For instance, cluster with ID "ClusterComputeResource-domain-c6979" had to be specified as "domain-c6979" for the filters to work.

Thanks! it works for me, just remove the "ClusterComputeResource-" from the cluster ID as Maria Jover said, delete all virt-who hosts from the content-host view, and restart the virt-who service.

I cannot make it work at all. Names, full IDs, stripped IDs, nothing works. It either scans everything in vSphere or nothing.

This powershell command provides more human friendly output:

Get-Cluster * | Select Name,ID

Name                         Id
----                         --
Cluster01                ClusterComputeResource-domain-c101
Cluster02                ClusterComputeResource-domain-c500
Cluster-Test01           ClusterComputeResource-domain-c404

As stated by Maria only "domain-XXXXX" portion is required.

In your virt-who-config-#.conf


Watch out for removing virt-who configs in the Satellite GUI as it does NOT remove the config in /etc/virt-who.d/